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Most of us will experience several crises during a lifetime. Insanity as a result of sudden shocks that life provides can manifest in different forms. In this article we examine life crises and how to handle them. How do we relate to the Shock of it all? What distinguishes those people who come out stronger from the crisis, and what about those who never really recover?

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In difficult situations we sometimes need a good advice, but all advice is not as good. In this article we investigate the "psychology of good advice". What is the hallmark of a really good advice in a psychological perspective?

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A lot of evidence indicates that emotional control and focus on a greater meaning, far beyond one's own personal life and worries, are important aspects of mental balance. In this article we will continue to explore personality development and hopefully gain more insight to the question of mental equilibrium.

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Identity and identity crises belongs to being human, and especially being human in a post-modern era. In many ways our personality is fashioned in harmony or disharmony with our interpersonal relationships. Who am I, really?

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Have you ever wondered why happiness is so elusive and no-matter how much you zip around, work and accumulate things; happiness always seems to be unattainable. Even if we do manage to feel happy; it is only momentarily and before we know it we find ourselves down in the doldrums of fear, doubt and anxiety once again. So what is the key to lasting happiness? Is it achievable in a lifetime? Is it necessary for us to spend a decade in the monasteries in Tibet or the ashrams in India?

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What exactly is the ego? The Eastern wisdom traditions assume that the ego is a mental construct that constantly need confirmation in order to feel whole and valuable. Most people identify with a little ego that strives for status, material goods, more money or other things to assert itself. Strong identification with material belongings, physical attributes, status, power, wealth, or lack thereof; or even a mental position – “I am right” – is the ego at work. Ego leads you away from the moment, looking for intended happiness in the future, but during this persistent hike, you may miss out on life itself. Can we free ourselves form the destructive forces in ego?

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Many of our thoughts are automatic and often repeat themselves without our conscious influence. It creates mental noise and causes distress and depression according to Eckhart Tolle. What then, is the key to mental balance? Well, a number of outstanding professionals claim that openness and attention is the key to freedom of spinning thoughts and existential anxiety.

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When you recall the past, the resident memories carry the emotional content of the moment. A tremendous exercise in control is required to isolate the event from the emotion. Some are trapped in the past in a way that previous trauma prevents personal growth and development, but when all is said and done, we can to some extent affect the way we interpret our past and then be the author of our future. We must accept the painful memories as part of our personal history, and then make sure the bad memories do not prevent us from living here and now. This is sometimes a difficult task.

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Can positive thinking affect pain? Absolutely. Pain is a very subjective experience. Expectations, stress, social support and underlying beliefs can influence the degree of pain one feels.

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Positive psychology seeks to identify those things that contribute to well-being, hope and evolution, not only for the individual but also for society. Happiness is probably not wealth, eternal youth or good weather, but rather the ability to engage deeply in our life and be able to install a larger meaning in our daily businesse. So, what makes us happy?

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Depression can be cured by medication and psychotherapy, but meditation can also have a very healing effect.