Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatric Medications

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Psychosis is a catch-all term that describes an inability to perceive and react to reality. Modern therapy goals directly deal with quality of life issues along with symptom control. With several agents available, one might find the best fit for any particular patient.

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Anxiety is a part of life, but some people are stuck in this state, unable to calm down. It is a state of physical symptoms, feelings of paralyzing fear and loss of control. How can drug and non-drug therapy help?

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A sedative is meant to calm combative or over-active patients or reduce the impact of impending stress. A hypnotic is primarily meant to promote sleep. How do these medications actually work?

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Depression affects many of us, and in some cases medication is needed. Antidepressant acts on the "balance" in the brains "neurochemistry", but how do they work? And what characterizes a depression? Anyway, depression remains an illness that needs better treatment options. The trend is for newer agents to either be more specific or have a better side effect profile.

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Psychopharmaceuticals are used to treat psychiatric disorders. They are prescribed subsequent to a diagnosis by a physician qualified to treat mental illness, but how does it work? In today's psychiatry, the benefits and risks of drug therapy will be considered for each patient. There are difficult issues that require sufficient knowledge of psychotropic drugs.