Cultural and social psychology

Cultural and social psychology

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I believe that the hyper-individualistic culture in America, which reached its zenith in the “me decade”, fostered regression to magical and narcissistic levels. I believe that the breakdown of more socially cohesive structures turned individuals back on their own resources, and this also helped reactivate narcissistic tendencies. Angels, yoga, tarot cards & crystals characterize the great packaging, but Ken Wilber believes that the appealing surface of the new age movement conceals both narcissism and magical thinking. Are there any dangers in the metaphysical funfairs?

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The real problem with placebos is the ethical considerations of their use. Is it ethical for a doctor to misinform or mislead a patient? The placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon, but also a controversial phenomenon. Can our mental abilities affect the chemistry in our body? Does the way we think, our habit of mind, have a real impact on our physical health? The answer is “YES”.