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There are many mental disorders that involve our inability to assess instant gratification in contrast to long-term consequences. This article is about impulsivity versus reflection and planning in relation to drug abuse and addiction.

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The biological models for understanding drug abuse focus on organic brain changes due to substance abuse, and how this fosters an adjustment to the drug and further causes a physical dependence. The psychosocial theories have an emphasis on drugs as a way to cope with feelings and psychological discomfort. Is it two irreconcilable perspectives, or may be different perspectives can complement each other to help us understand the depth and complexity of drug abuse and addiction? One trend is abundantly clear however: No longer is addiction seen as a disease of the will or a moral imperfection.

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Are we all at risk to develop Internet addiction or are some more likely to than others? How many people are actually addicted to Internet and is there a treatment? Internet Addiction is considered a new diagnosis. Less social activity and lack of sleep are some of the symptoms. For some people will internet represent a convenient opportunity to escape from themselves, their feelings and life's challenges, responsibility and commitment.

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Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, food, video games, internet and work are the 10 most common forms of addiction. What characterizes these forms of addiction? And how can we understand this phenomenon?

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Is addiction a disease or a choice? Is it caused by genetics and/or physiology? Is it the substance or behavior that enslaves people or is it a matter of personal characteristics?