Are you curious about the mind? Are you interested in people’s behaviors, thought patterns and emotions? Maybe you need to understand yourself, explore the workings of the mind and recognize self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for the purpose of self-development and growth? Or perhaps you’re just fascinated by the world of psychology and want to learn more. At the WebPsychologist we do our best to write useful articles and apply psychological theory to everyday life. Our editor is MD in psychology and a licensed psychologist from Norway. He works as a psychotherapist and he is the editor of one of Norway’s biggest psychology Magazines. With this journal we hope to inspire a larger audience, and thank you for visiting!


I graduated as a psychologist in 2005 from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. I moved back to Norway where I began to practice as a psychologist at a psychiatric center in the far south of the country in a town called Kristiansand. I became a specialist in clinical psychology in 2012, and I have had three years at the Institute of Group Analysis in Oslo from 2006 until 2009. In my career I have worked in a psychiatric ward for 3 years, I have worked with children and young people, I have been doing family therapy and I have worked with outpatient adults for many years, but as a therapist I have spent most of my time in group therapy.

I love my work and feel privileged to work with people in this way. I get to know people on a deeper level. Every day I sit as a therapist in a psychotherapeutic setting on a journey in our mental life in search of psychological barriers that prevent personal growth and development in my patients.

On top of my work as a clinical psychologist in the public mental healthcare hospital, I run several websites where the aim is to speak out about mental health and self-development. We hope to convey psychology in a way that makes it relevant and accessible to most people.

The WebPsychologist.net was established in August 2014 as a private initiative. We have worked for several years writing articles and planning before we finally started to get a clear structure and enough material to launch the WebPsychologist.net as a web based journal or psychology blog with emphasis on psychology, psychotherapy, self-development, social and existential questions. We hope you find what you are looking for! Welcome to the WebPsychologist.net.

Best regards
Sondre Risholm Liverød